Car Rust Repair Kit Canadian Tire

Have you decided to repair rust car in garage ?

All right, its a good idea to spend some time to repair your rusted car in garage. But remember it eats much of your time, if you does not have a Car Rust Repair Kit Canadian Tire with you.

 Car Rust Repair Kit Canadian Tire:

Carrying a car rust repair kit along with you save much time and effort while making your car rust free. Generally this repair kit contains a grinding machine, salt paper, a pair of glosses, safety gaggles, foam tin, matching paint tin.

This car repair rust kit canadian tire is useful to fix all kind of rust damages on car surface.Its a very simple procedure to fix rust damages which car hardly take an hour to fix a medium size rust damage.

Fixing A Small Rust Area :

Cleaning a small rusted area on car surface pretty much simple and takes only few minutes. This procedure can take only few steps.

i) Rub the rust area with a sand paper to remove rust on top.

ii) Now just apply paint on surface to prevent rust.

iii) Leave it to try for some time.

If it is a big case car affected with holes on surface due to over rust, in such a car care must be taken to fill the car surface neatly.


i) Use hand surface grinder to clean the most rusted area, so that it prevents to form rust in future.

ii) Rub the surface with salt paper to make surface smooth. So that when you paint on surface it sticks to surface.

iii) Now using foam tin fill those holes affected with the rust.

iv) Cover the form with a card board sheet that makes the form stick nicely to surface.

v) Let it dry for few hours. After it dries foam becomes hard and sticks to the surface.

vi) Now cut off the excess amount of hard foam on car surface. Rub surface with a neat sand paper.